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The attention of personal training and the community of small group classes.

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Personal Training & Group Fitness in Aurora

Sphere Health & Fitness offers a holistic and systematic approach to long term, sustainable health and fitness in the heart of Aurora. 

We are a strength & conditioning gym offering personal training, small group classes and nutrition coaching.  We coach slow controlled movements and highly encourage focusing on mind muscle connection so you get the most out of your training time while protecting you from injury.

We cater to all fitness levels and provide regressions/modifications for people with mobility issues or recovering from injury.

We’re here to coach and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

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Our Difference

We believe that fitness/exercise is a life-long journey. As such, we coach, train and educate our members to work out in a sustainable way. 

What does this mean? It means mastering the 7 Primary Movement Patterns (push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, rotate and gait) Once you can effectively and efficiently perform these movements you are able to increase the load and stimulus in a safe & sustainable way. We want our members to always know exactly what they are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing each and every exercise, workout or protocol. It’s all about maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their efforts while minimizing the risk of injury, allowing them to achieve their goals and maintain for life. 

Memberships & Offerings

Classes: We have tiered pricing for our group class membership based on how many classes per week/month you want to attend. 
Personal Training: Available in single sessions or packages.
Nutrition & Body Composition Analysis: Available as-needed.

1:1 Personal Training

2:1 Personal Training

Group Personal Training/Classes

Team Training

Nutrition Coaching

Body Composition Analysis

Sphere's Approach

First and foremost, we aim to educate our members. We teach them that proper strength training in combination with cardio, mobility and nutrition is essential to changing body composition and achieving their fitness goals.

We believe that by changing one’s perspective on physical health, in combination with the varying movements offered in our workouts, the individual will achieve positive changes both physically and mentally.  These varying movements are designed to challenge the body as a whole. Safety, proper movement patterns and muscle recruitment are our primary focuses.  We ensure consistency in training processes and programming. Everything we do has a purpose; we don’t believe in doing things just to do things.

Any workout can make you sweat, but at SPHERE we want every workout to make you BETTER.

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To truly understand Sphere and our approach, you have to experience it for yourself. We offer 3 complimentary classes. No strings attached. Just come in, see the facility, meet our team, enjoy an incredible workout, and see for yourself.

Leadership Team

Kyle, co-owner, played in the CFL for 6 years and has trained himself and many clients at high level performance for over 20 years. His fitness knowledge comes from a lifetime of training and being coached from some of the top coaches around. After retiring from the CFL, he ran a sport-specific training gym for 2 years where he trained a variety of teams and athletes.  He has been training the general public and athletes for over 13 years.

Karen, co-owner, athletic all her life, became a CrossFit enthusiast after having her third child. After 4 years of CrossFit training, at 42, she didn’t feel it was right for her any more.  She tried other many fitness modalities, but none were the perfect fit.  Inspired by a few coaches who taught her a better, more mindful approach to training, and encouraged by her family and friends, she became a trainer and teamed up with Kyle (one of those inspiring coaches!) to open a gym of their own.   Karen has combined her passion for fitness with her business acumen from her experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant to build a business she is proud of.

Sphere Health & Fitness was born from a need for something different and more encompassing. The concept of Sphere was created by combining Kyle’s experience as a professional athlete and long-time trainer with Karen’s experiences with different training and coaching styles, as well as both of their own experiences in dealing with exercise-related injuries. In 2018 they opened Sphere’s doors as a place for people to train safely, effectively and sustainably with a community that is motivating, welcoming and supportive to all fitness levels.

Contact & Location

Address: 125 Edward St #3, Aurora, ON
Phone: (289) 500-2749
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Owners & Trainers